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Product42 Carden Community Bonds

10 Carden (10C) is the hub for community activators and changemakers in Guelph. We welcome groups and individuals into an inclusive community of social change organizations working across sectors and engaging in collaborative work to improve our community. Our tangible offering is effective downtown coworking and event meeting space and collaboration., We are offering a 3% and 4% Community Bond to enable the purchase and redevelopment of 42 Carden Street, a large 15,000 sq ft asset on the premiere street in downtown Guelph. As an investor, your investment earns you an annual return, is backed by a 2nd mortgage on the physical property and has a social impact., 10C is making space for community connections that foster: collaborations, new ideas, professional and social networks that build urban integration, resilience and establish the scaffolding for Guelph residents to work on complex issues together. All of these are important as Guelph (and other cities) grows in population due to provincial mandating, and also as challenges of urban living become more complex - water, energy, access to civic space, diversity, direct democracy and social inclusion. Our members span all sectors from environment, social justice, arts, education, entrepreneurship, and community development.

Legal StructureSecured debt
Asset ClassPrivate debt
Product SeriesMultiple
Investment AvailabilityOpen
Product AUM$1-5M
Expected Performance4-8 percent
Performance to DateAt expectation

Impact evidence typeOutput Data. Report a selection of relevant investee outputs consistent with impact goals
  • SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities
Iris Environmental Objectives
  • Energy and fuel efficiency
  • Sustainable land use
Iris Target Groups
  • Adults
  • Minority populations
Regions Invested In
  • Canada

Issuer10 Carden Shared Space (10C)
Address42 Carden Street, Guelph ON N1H 3A2
Telephone Number519-780-5030
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