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ProductWindmill Microlending Community Bond

Our goal is to unlock the economic potential of new Canadians and advance their prosperity - for their benefit and for Canada's. Since 2005, Windmill has served over 3700 skilled immigrants with over $21 million in approved loans - it is the largest organization offering microloans to skilled immigrants in Canada. Windmill provides low-interest, flexible, character-based microloans to our immigrant and refugee clients who cannot unlock traditional credit when wishing to pay for their Canadian professional accreditation to work in their field in Canada. This is because they typically have little if any savings, and no collateral or Canadian credit history. Completing their accreditation learning plans enables them to move out of survival jobs and escape poverty by working in their chosen field. Successful clients in the program increase their incomes by 2 - 3 times (depending upon their profession) and approximately 75% receive employment in their field. Unemployment in this cohort drops from 40% to 10%. Loan recipients and their family members are able to enjoy increased financial security and social inclusion as well as the opportunity to contribute to the Canadian economy. Windmill Microlending enjoys a repayment rate of 97.5%+ and the funds are recycled into new microloans. The Windmill model is viable, sustainable and ready to scale up, with an ambitious growth plan to increase client loans from 665 in 2017-18 to 3500 annually by 2022-23. The beneficial impacts effect not only that many more individual clients, but their families as well. In order to serve this number of clients, we need to grow our loan capital significantly.

Legal StructureUnsecured debt
Asset ClassPrivate debt
Product SeriesFirst
Investment AvailabilityOpen
Product AUM$1-5M
Management Fee0.1
Expected PerformanceUnder 4 percent
Performance to DateAt expectation

Impact evidence typeOutcome Data. Can provide outcome data demonstrating positive change for target beneficiaries
  • SDG 4 – Quality Education
  • SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth
Iris Target Groups
  • Adults
  • Minority populations
Regions Invested In
  • Canada

IssuerWindmill Microlending
Address1240 Bay Street, Unit 601, Toronto ON M5R 2A7
Telephone Number403-228-9981
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